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Professional Credit Restoration Program near Austell, Tennessee

People from Austell, Georgia, who are looking for a professional to repair their credit should make sure Credit Hub is number one on their list. Raising the credit score of someone who has a history of bad credit is my specialty, and I can guarantee all my clients 100% satisfaction.

When you come to me and ask me to fix your credit score, I always start by identifying your current credit situation, which you can view via my proprietary internet portal. Armed with that report, I will act on your behalf and dispute and potentially settle or remove negative items. My company does all the work, and sometimes items can be eliminated completely, other times for pennies on the dollar.

I will also advise you on general credit strategies as you improve your credit score. All clients will be given a prepaid MasterCard meaning they can have payroll checks deposited. This is particularly helpful to customers who may not have been able to open a bank account because of their bad credit history.

Another of my primary services at Credit Hub is protecting clients against id theft. As an affiliate of LifeLock, I offer full identity theft and notification services. Customers will be alerted each time their social security number is used, and can immediately lodge a dispute before the situation escalates.

For wills and trusts, I have an internet portal that offers easy-to-follow templates allowing clients to quickly and easily create fully functioning legal wills and trusts for their estate. It is an inexpensive and straightforward way to create fully binding estate documents. Clients can rest assured that their estate is taken care of without having to worry about the expense.

 If you live in Austell, Credit Hub must be your first port of call whenever you are looking for a professional financial expert. Call us anytime on (404) 692-6574.



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