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Business Credit Counseling and ID Theft Protection near Birmingham, Alabama 

If you live in or around Birmingham, Alabama and are in need of credit repair, credit counseling, identity protection, or even creating a will or trust, Credit Hub is the place to call at (404) 692-6574. We are a financial services company that focuses on repairing people's credit, do it yourself estate documents as well as unmatched identity theft protection.

Our credit repair and counseling services are great if you think you may have gotten into trouble in the past. The first thing we'll do is get your full credit report with credit scores from all three credit bureaus in order to identify your current situation. We will then act on your behalf to dispute and potentially settle negative items. In some cases, we can have them removed completely or at the very least maybe settle for pennies on the dollar. We can also advise on general credit strategies to improve your credit score moving forward.

For identity theft protection, we are affiliated with LifeLock and offer full identity theft and notification services. It's important to have something like this set up prior to having your identity stolen for personal insurance. We offer a million dollar insurance policy that would be applied to restoring your identity. By signing up for this service, you will receive monthly email alerts letting you know if your identity has or hasn't been compromised and you can track if anyone uses your personal information in Birmingham, Alabama or anywhere else.

Creating a will and trust yourself instead of going to a local attorney is a great option because you can go at your own pace, and when you're finished we will send you a binder with all of your info so you can make updates, change beneficiaries, or adjust things as often as you like with no additional fees.

If you live in the Birmingham, Alabama area and these services seem like something that would interest you, call Credit Hub at  (404) 692-6574.

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