Credit Hub - College Park, GA

Personal Credit Repair and Business Funding Services near Collect Park, Tennessee

The services I offer here at Credit Hub are available to residents of all towns and cities in the Greater Atlanta metro area, and that includes College Park. As a professional financial expert, I am happy to travel to the city to help people with credit repair and identity fraud difficulties.

I work individually with people who are struggling with a poor credit rating, and all the consequences that can bring. My job is to make sure the client's credit is restored, whether for personal or business requirements. Rebuilding credit helps you get approved for bank accounts and debit cards.

All ages are welcome here, from 20 to 80. I can help with a wide variety of financial issues such as mortgage preparation, business credit, identity theft protection, secured financing, personal loans, unsecured credit cards.

The major benefits of my services include a decrease in debt, credit education, an increased credit score, lower risk, possible home ownership, low interest, lower car insurance, identity protection, and equipment financing, as well as peace of mind over your finances.

If you want your credit fixed, then you have come to the right company. I will counsel you on the steps I will be taking to ensure your credit score is restored and repaired. It includes disputing and potentially settling all negative items on your credit report. Sometimes I can remove the negative completely; other times settle for pennies on the dollar.

I also offer full identity theft protection and notification services. If your identity is stolen, we provide a million dollar insurance policy that is applied to restoring your id. Once you enroll online, you will receive monthly email alerts informing you if your identity has or hasn't been compromised. You can keep track of anyone using your personal information.

Call Credit Hub on (404) 692-6574 for all financial and credit services.

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