Credit Repair

Professional Credit Rebuilding Program in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The credit repair service offered at Credit Hub is guaranteed to fix your credit rating. Once I have access to your full credit report, I will act on your behalf to dispute, and potentially settle or remove, negative items. I will also advise on general credit strategies to ensure that, as you move forward, your credit score continues to improve.

As an experienced and highly professional credit repair and financial expert, I always guarantee clients 100% satisfaction. I am mobile and will travel from my base in Atlanta, Georgia, to offer a diagnosis of the problem as well as credit education and credit rebuilding.

If you are struggling with bad credit, then be assured that at Credit Hub we can help you. All you have to do is call for a free review. My company will do all the work for you, and perhaps settle for pennies on the dollar, or remove any negative items completely.

Our goal is the same as yours - to restore your credit, and we have years of experience in succeeding. To start with I will obtain a full credit with scores from three credit bureaux. You will be able to view this via my proprietary internet portal which you will get access to when you sign up. The portal can be used to display all credit scores and reports

As we move forward, clients will get a prepaid MasterCard for depositing payroll checks. Many customers who come to me are unable to open a bank account due to their adverse credit history. It also means no more standing in line to deposit checks.

My slogan here at Credit Hub is "Your financial future in the present", and it is one I strive to live up to. So if you need to take advantage of my credit repair service, contact me anytime on (404) 692-6574.

Credit Repair

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