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Professional Credit Rebuilding near Sandy Springs, Georgia

The Sandy Springs, Georgia area can rest easy knowing that they have Credit Docs for all of their identity protection, credit counseling, credit score repair and wills and trusts. We are a web based, financial services company that helps give our clients peace of mind with do it yourself estate documents and ID protection services.

The key to identity theft protection is to have it before you need it. We are an affiliate of LifeLock and offer full identity theft and notification services, preventing credit issues before they happen by sending you an alert each time your social security number is used. If fraud is detected, you can immediately dispute the charge or action before the problem escalates, which leads us to another service we offer, credit counseling and credit score repair.

If you live in our around Sandy Springs, Georgia and have had bad luck with credit history, give Credit Docs a call at (404) 692-6574 so we can figure out how to fix your problem. The first thing we'll do is identify your current situation by getting a full credit report with your credit scores from all three credit bureaus. We will then work on your behalf to dispute and potentially settle negative items. Sometimes we can even have negative items removed or settle for pennies on the dollar. This is a great way to start rebuilding your credit history and closing a chapter of your life in a cost effective way.

For our wills and trusts we give you an internet portal which offers easy to follow templates that allow you to quickly and easily create fully functional and legal will and trusts. An estate attorney to advise on any additions or changes that will help your family even more will then review these documents.

If you live in Sandy Springs, Georgia and want to be able to rest easy knowing that your identity is safe from identity fraud, your credit is being repaired, or that you have a binding will or trust for your family, call Credit Docs at (404) 692-6574 today.

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